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Mr. Trump Goes To Washington?

by James Wu

September 12, 2015

The pundits inside the Beltway did not predict it. At first, the pundits were amused by it. Soon, the pundits dismissed it. Then the pundits were surprised by it. Now the pundits are confounded by it. It is not a trumped-up "reality show". By now, Mr. Trump, the real-estate mogul and former TV show host, has become a phenomenon in the presidential campaigns. The pundits have not been all wrong. They have said the early front-runners would be candidates with celebrity-like last names.

It has been the formulaic hence listless rhetoric by other candidates that created the lift for Mr. Trump's gravity-defying campaign. As the voters begin to appraise Mr. Trump's candidacy, the pundits are searching for clues as for how long this phenomenon will last. Some pundits have claimed that the Trump phenomenon would soon be over because he had performed the political version of the "jump-the-shark" stunt. Thus far, the so-called "jump-the-shark" has not hurt the "rating", so the high-energy one-man show is still going.


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