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Lackluster Summer of 2014

by James Wu

August 12, 2014

Full of sound and fury, the summer movies of 2014 have no shortage of the videogame-like CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) and decibels. However, the movie watchers seemed unimpressed. Maybe what the action packed storyboards need is a few good stories.

The movie studio executives should really thank the loyal opening-Friday moviegoers. Without the opening-day success, many movies might have gone straight to the post theater markets. Whether it is the movie or the movie theater going experience that sells tickets is getting more difficult to ascertain.

Many cinema historians have said the movie "JAWS" started the summer-blockbuster phenomenon. Even though the shark (a composition of mechanical and real sharks) in "JAWS" was the major attraction, the captivating storytelling (by the director and the actors) was the real force that compelled the movie to its blockbuster status. After all these years, movie making is still about how to emotively tell a story on the big screen.


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