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Butterfly's Dream of a Flower (by Su Dongpo, a Song Dynasty poet)

Flowers wilt in vanishing redness, apricots petite in burgeoning greenness.
Away fly the swallows; around the cottages a river flows.
Wither in the wind, the soft branches of willows.
From here to horizon, there must be plenty of fine meadows.

Inside the fence a swing, outside the fence a road;
outside the fence he strolls; inside the fence she chuckles.
Laughter fades and becomes quiet;
one who cares is but mocked by one who cares not.

(translation by YHW)


Su Dongpo (1037 AD ~ 1121 AD)

Su Dongpo, a Song Dynasty public official born in Sichuan, has long been recognized as one of the most talented writer, poet and lyricist in China's history. Because of his forthright writings, he was banished multiple times by the emperor(s) (each time to a place further away from the Song capital).



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